Tulipan.js: The Javascript Framework

Tulipan.js is a simple minimalistic and progressive JavaScript Framework for building Single Page Applications on the web.


This Framework is still under development process, some features are still in test, use them with caution.


Tulipan.js was made for teaching purposes, but since it uses modern web technologies, it can be used also for production and commercial purposes.

Tulipan.js is a forked and a combination of several Javascript pieces of technologies. Following the Single-Responsability Principle, it combines the best selected tools for each of the features found in a common Single Page Application.


Drop the following into your page:

<script src="//unpkg.com/tulipan"></script>

You can also use jsdelivr

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/tulipan@1.0.2/dist/tulipan.min.js"></script>

or use via npm:

npm install tulipan --save


Consider Tulipan.js as a Swiss Tool, it integrates in a convenient way several Javascript libraries and Frameworks, to allow beginners to develop high end modern web applications. The following list shows all technologies integrated and their use.

Library/Framework Description
Vue.js Using the branch 1.0, Vue.js is the base front-end framework for the Model-View-ViewModel pattern
vue-resource Selected http client, it is used to make web requests across the Internet
Navigo Library selected to make javascript routing for SPA development
Store.js Library selected for cross-browser storage
Underscore.js Library selected for functional programming

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Copyright (c) 2020-present, Nelson Carrasquel